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What is Skin Care?

Skin Care

   We can call our skin our outermost basic care. As our skin is exposed to light, dust, polluted air and makeup all day long, the pores are blocked and prevents the skin from breathing. As a result, black spots, pore clogging occurs. Blackheads, acne, pore clogging cause the skin to look neglected, old and pale. In order to prevent these, we should always give our skin the care it needs with the right products.

   It is routines should be done daily, weekly, monthly. Thus, a healthier looking and luminous skin can be achieved. In order to do skin, we must first know our skin correctly. We have to recognize it so that we give it the real needs it needs. For example; If our skin has a dry texture and we do not know our skin, our oily skin product will become even more dry and cause health problems.


    Skin care has become a routine behavior not only for women but also for men. Because skin is an expression of the care people show to themselves. The more a person cares about herself or himself, the more respected by the society.

   Skin is also an investment in the skin in the future. Skin cleansing, toning and moisturizers should be applied daily. Apart from these treatments, weekly peeling, mask should be applied and deeply cleaned. In this way, the skin is revitalized, blood flow is accelerated, pores are opened, moisture balance is provided. The elasticity of the skin is increased. Likewise, the skin is cleared of dead cells, dirt and makeup residue. In addition to home care, we must deeply care for our skin by certified people monthly.

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