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Our values

Our working principles and values

Devotion and Passion

We do our job with passion, will and sharing, dedication is in the DNA of our company. Tinch Cosmetics employees work with strong determination and dedication to achieve great success in business.

Global Experience

In order to maintain our success and achieve our goals, we work with a team that knows and does its job well. For this reason, we encourage our employees to develop their professional skills and support them by offering them suitable conditions.

Our Consumers and Customers First

With all our units, we quickly and accurately perceive the needs of our consumers and internal and external customers, and we take an agile, proactive and innovative approach in meeting their changing expectations for a better life.

We Act With An Entrepreneurial Spirit

In our company, we act with an entrepreneurial spirit, focusing on the essence of the business, act and make decisions with a fast and decisive style. We know our customers and the market we are in well. We are never satisfied with our work without improving processes and doing a top-notch job.

Our Consumers and Customers First

We produce with an approach that values the environment and nature, and contribute to creating a better future than today. With the awareness of social responsibility, we continue our tradition of supporting contemporary education, sports, culture and arts in order to increase the quality of social life.


To create an atmosphere of complete trust to our business partners. To adhere to the confidentiality and privacy of the information they care about.

Our Consumers and Customers First

We respect the laws and rules of the country in which we operate and comply without exception. We respect traditions and customs. We do not allow discrimination on the basis of nationality, gender, religion or other personal characteristics. Our main guides in our activities and decision processes are our business regulations. We believe that in order to be successful, our discourses and values must be consistent with our behavior.