We are one of Turkey’s experienced and reliable private label manufacturer.

There are products specially developed for Covid-19.

New Catalog 2020

New Hygiene and Covid 19 Product Catalog 2020

Product Categories

Tinch Cosmetics Private Label and Manufacturer

Tinch Cosmetics a manufacturer of hygiene and cleaning products since 2012.
We develop products that comply with the standards and serve in 23 countries around the world with the name of our brand or with private label production. It works with various companies in these countries around the world.

Today our solutions continue to help all industries, from medicine and biotechnology to leisure and hospitality, keeping workforces and customers safe and protected, always.



Medical Clothing

Medical Clothing

Medical Clothing Medical clothing is  protective clothing equipment for the personnel working in the hospital, operating room for doctors, dentists, veterinarians, nurses, caregivers and operating

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Definition of Covid – 19

COVID-19 spreads from person to person through droplets in the air. There are large droplets and small droplets. Large droplets come from the lungs of

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Brush your teeth twice every dayThis is the most ignored part of personal hygiene. Brushing every day is important to get rid of the plaque(it

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