Tinch Cosmetics

Tinch Cosmetics is one of the reliable and experienced private label manufacturer in Turkey. Our products are exported to more than 23 countries. It produces multi-purpose cosmetic products that can meet the needs of all consumers.

The production and packaging services of the products belong to our company and they are produced in the desired standards and brands.
The customer only informs tinch cosmetics of the functions that he wants the finished product to have.

Tinch Cosmetics uses its own formulation and technical infrastructure to produce, pack and pack filling products.

Our values

Our working principles and values


Our industry never stands still, so we don’t either.


Our approach to service is one of partnership, not just provider.


We continually work hard to bring the best products and materials to our clients.


We recognise that great service is often forged through attention to detail and listening to our customers.


As a family firm with a commitment to courtesy, we maintain the traditional view that our customers are always right.


If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that our team know how to have fun. This humour and zest is the driving force behind our teamwork, creativity and energy. Sanitization may not be your most inspiring company consideration, but partnering with Tinch Cosmetics means that it doesn’t have to be boring!