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What is Food Supplement?

Food Supplement

        Nutritional food supplement; It is people’s external supply of minerals, amino acids and vitamins that are missing in their daily nutrition, diet or body.The majority of food supplements are delivered in the form of pills, tablets, capsules, liquid, etc.  on the market. The most commonly used group in nutritional supplements are vitamins and multivitamins. Other nutritional supplements; folic acid and minerals.

       Food Supplement, Vitamins and minerals are essential building blocks for the regular functioning of our body.Multivitamins have a positive effect on people’s health. Those who use it regularly on a daily basis feel themselves better and fit. They get sick more difficultly, and if they are sick, they recover faster. With the multivitamins we take daily, we get all of our daily nutritional needs.

      If recommended by the right person, nutritional supplements should be used. First, the necessary tests should be done and the missing vitamins and minerals should be determined. It should then be used at the recommended daily dose. Care should be taken not to exceed the dose. If you consume them at high doses, they may have adverse effects and may become harmful.

        When purchasing nutritional supplements, care should be taken to be natural and certified. It must also meet the requirements of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) standards. Turkey is also Agriculture and Rural affairs ministry approval of such products are to go on sale. If they do not meet these rules and standards, do not buy these products.

What should we pay attention to while taking nutritional supplements?

* We should check if it meets the standards set by FAO and WHO.

* We must pay attention that the packaging is not opened and the security lock is not opened.

* We should pay attention to whether the nutritional values ​​of the vitamin and mineral doses on the back of the packaging are written.

* How it should be used should be written.

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