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What is Corona Virus and How to Protect


We have been fighting the COVID-19 disease, which has affected the whole world in recent days. Corona virus was first seen in Wuhan, China, and its scientific name was put in January 2020. With the loss of many people’s lives, the World Health Organization declared the disease as a pandemic. So what is this corona virus?

Coronavirus; It is a contagious virus that causes respiratory tract infection and can be passed from person to person. It targets the respiratory tract organs and causes death.

How does the coronavirus disease spread?

Corona virus droplet path is transmitted directly or indirectly and enters our body. (cough, sneeze, sputum).And these viruses can survive in the environment they are infected for long hours. When you touch us, we can easily move the virus from one place to another. And when you touch our eyes, noses, mouths, we directly infect ourselves.

How do we protect from Covid-19? Which products should we use?

Corona virus droplet path is transmitted directly or indirectly and enters our body. The direct and easiest way to do this is with our hands.

With our hands, we can easily infect both ourselves and others.

We must attach great importance to hand hygiene to prevent the spread and to protect ourselves. For this, we should wash our hands frequently with soapy water. We have to do them the right way, with the right materials.

. We should wash our hands, especially between our fingers, by rubbing them with antibacterial soap for 20 seconds. Antibacterial soaps will also help us to kill germs.

In cases where there is no water, especially when we are outside, we should use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content. Like soap, we should use hand sanitizer by rubbing your hands for at least 20 seconds.When the water is not soap, our other assistant is wet wipes.

Wet wipes should contain at least 60% alcohol in order to be effective against the virus.

If it does not, it is not enough to kill the corona virus.

In general, if you want to have some peace of mind when you leave your home on corona days, keep antibacterial hand disinfectant and wet wipes with you, in your bag, in your car.

In the following cases, definitely disinfect your hands;

-after coughing, sneezing or touching your nose

-you come into contact with a sick person

– before and after eating,

– when you get on public transport,

– after using money, after touching something packaged,

– Come home from outside, then wash your hands with plenty of water.

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