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What is Cologne?

According to a legend, the fragrance known as Hungarian Water and first produced by a monk for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary is the ancestor of cologne. According to one theory, this fragrance, which was produced by the nuns of the Santa Maria Monastery in Florence since the 14th century, attracted the attention of Italian perfumer Giovanni Paolo Feminis, who was in Florence as a traveler in the 17th century, and learned its formula from the abbot.  When Feminis, who lives in Cologne, returned from Florence, he added bergamot, lemon and orange essence into this fragrance and developed what is now called cologne; first it began to market as “Eau Admirable” (Admirable water), then “Eau de Cologne” (Cologne water, in German “Kölnisch Wasser”).

Cologne bottles are also generally produced in alcohol ratios of 60, 70 and 80 degrees. The effect of alcohol on viruses and bacteria can be easily achieved with the use of cologne. Well, what does 80 degree cologne that we see frequently in the markets and the most preferred? 80 degrees cologne; cologne are types with an alcohol content of over 80%.

The cologne types, which can be found in different varieties according to the alcohol ratio, can also be divided into varieties according to the essences contained in them. Although lemon cologne is the most preferred and popular type of cologne, fragrances in different essences are also preferred with the increase in the use of cologne recently. Especially colognes with various floral scents are widely used by people who want to obtain a pleasant fragrance.

Alcohol free of toxic chemicals called ‘ethanol’ is used in quality colognes. Methyl alcohols, which contain toxic chemicals and are not completely refined, are especially preferred in cheap colognes. In order to reduce the production cost, the alcohol content in the cologne is reduced. It is mostly applied in lemon cologne. A good lemon cologne is recommended to be 80 degrees, and 60 degrees for fragrances.

    The reason for feeling refreshed after applying cologne is that the ethyl alcohol in it is volatile and takes body heat with it while it evaporates.

Since it is cheaper than ethyl alcohol, colognes in which methyl alcohol water is added cause vision (loss) if it is drunk. Excessive use may occur dangerous health issues

It is one of the most important guest products of Turkish people along with sugar. In the first years of the reign of Sultan ll. Abdülhamid, after the importation of the cologne to the Ottoman lands and the start of local production in 1882, the first step of the hospitality ritual in the country, rose water was replaced by cologne.

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