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Wet Wipes

Wet wipe has an important place in our lives. Such as, when drinks are spilled on your office table, when we want to clean our shoes and when we want to wipe your hands, wet wipes have been our greatest friend for years.

In the last days ,we live its importance in our lives has increased even more and it has become a necessity to be with us. With the start of Covid-19, we left behind normal wet wipes and started using Antibacterial Wet wipes.

When we get on the bus, when there is no place to sit, we grab the wet towel in your hand and hold it.When we buy a drink, we clean off  it with a wet wipe before opening it. We started to wipe the keyboard, mouse and table in our offices with wet wipes several times a day without getting dirty anymore.

Wet Wipes -
Wet Wipes –

Specialists, who emphasize frequent hand cleaning due to the coronavirus epidemic, underline that cleaning should be done correctly and with the right materials.

What should I look for when buying wet wipes?

MI is added to water-containing substances to stop the growth of microorganisms. Simply ,MI prevents the product from rotting and wear off. But,  it has been noticed that there are allergic features that are not predicted in MI unfortunately.

You should be careful that the product you buy has antibacterial properties. The word Antibacterial, of French origin, means Preventing Bacterial Reproduction. It has been proven by clinical tests that it kills existing bacteria.

Wet Wipes – Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Antibacterial wipes do not irritate the delicate skin tissue you have on your hand. The special formula, which enriches the skin by using ingredients that strengthen and moisturize the skin, allows you to easily and quickly clean your hands. You can throw the product in your bag at any time and use it easily wherever you go.

One of the most effective methods of corona virus protection is to pay attention to hand cleaning. The common method recommended by many specialists in this regard is washing hands with soap and water, and wiping our hands with an anti-bacterial wet wipe when we are outside. Antibacterial wet wipes are cleaning products with hygiene and care formulas used in many areas of daily life.

You can use antibacterial wipes as sterilization when it is impossible to get water and soap. When our hands are out, we are constantly touching dirty places. In this way, especially your hands, which are exposed to germs and bacteria, are easily cleaned with wet wipes.

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