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Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning As is known, the skin is a complex organ that protects the organism against external factors, as well as provides fluid and heat balance, secretory (secretory), sensory and immunological functions. Undoubtedly, it is of great importance in terms of aesthetics with its soft, clean and smooth appearance besides many functions. It is a fact that physical appearance is important for everyone, and a nice and beautiful appearance makes people feel better. Based on this fact, dermatologists do not only see the skin as an organ, but also evaluate its aesthetic aspect very well. Cosmetology discipline, which deals with this aspect of the skin, is one of the sub-branches of dermatology and is becoming increasingly important.

Look good……Feel Better

Today, it is a very comprehensive program conducted in cooperation with CTFA (The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association), American Cancer Society and National Cosmetology Association for all cancer patients receiving radiotherapy (radiotherapy) and chemotherapy (drug therapy) in America. Within the framework of this program, solutions for hair loss, pigmentation changes and other cosmetic problems that occur with treatment in cancer patients are suggested and applied. Cosmetic camouflage are special methods that should be applied during or after the treatment of diseases that affect the appearance of skin and skin appendages such as vitiligo (ala), scar formation, pigmentation (color) disorders and alopecia (baldness).

Leather Cleaning A dermatologist must know these techniques in order to close scars, nevus (moles) that cannot be removed, and hemangiomas or telangiectasias (vasodilatation) that occur after the removal of skin cancers, and to partially conceal the asymmetries that occur. On the other hand, preserving healthy skin, delaying photoaging with proper care and removing superficial wrinkles on the skin is now possible with the use of appropriate cosmetics. Cosmetics are defined as “substances used to clean, beautify, increase the attractiveness or change the appearance applied to the human body, sprinkled or sprayed”. These substances should definitely not have drug efficacy function and disease-relieving properties and should not cause any structural and functional changes in the skin.

Cosmetics are consumer products that have a wide range and are intertwined with daily life in almost every segment of society. While various make-up materials, perfumes, deodorants, especially soaps, powders and shampoos used for cleaning the skin, are applied several times a day, while the products used to color and shape the hair are applied several times a year.

The most important purpose of these substances, which are applied to the skin and skin joints, is to beautify and protect the skin without changing the physiological properties. However, there are some cosmetic preparations included in this group, which are accepted as OTC. Leather Cleaning

These products show their effects by causing changes in different target points. These are agents that affect the lipid layer (antiseborrheic products), agents that affect the stratum corneum (moisturizers),Pigmentogenic (coloring) products that target melanocytes (cells that give color to the skin), antiperspirants targeting sweat glands, and weakening and thinning agents that target hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue). Cosmeceuticals include hair lotions containing minoxidil, creams and lotions containing AHA (alpha-hydroxy-acid), creams, lotions and gels containing retinoic acid, and these products should be used with the recommendation of a dermatologist.Lotions and gels can be counted and these products should be used with the recommendation of a dermatologist.Lotions and gels can be counted and these products should be used with the recommendation of a dermatologist. Leather Cleaning

The use of cosmetics in skin health consists of 3 basic stages.

1. Skin cleaning

2. Moisturizing the leather

3. Skin care

Leather Cleaning Products

It is accepted that the use of cosmetics is of great importance in skin health. Skin health and care starts with a regular cleaning. The products that are widely used in daily cleaning of the skin, especially the skin of the face, are soaps. Apart from this, lipid-free cleansers, cleansing creams, astringens and tonics, exfoliants, abrasive scrubs and cleansing masks are also used.

Soap and cleansing bars:

Normal pH of the skin is slightly acidic (pH 5-5.5). However, generally all soaps have an alkaline pH. For this reason, the standard soaps used cause pH changes in the skin and the precipitation of fatty acid salts from the calcium in the water, causing irritation, dryness and cracking in the skin. In addition, there is an increase in the colonization of pathological microorganisms in the skin at alkaline pH. For these reasons, synthetic detergent bars whose pH is modified according to skin pH (pH 5-6) have been produced as an alternative to conventional standard soaps. These soaps with natural pH do not create an irritant effect on the skin.

Lipid (oil)-free cleansers: These are liquid (liquid) products that cleanse the skin without using water and soap. As the name suggests, they do not contain oil. They contain water, glycerin, cetyl alcohol and sometimes propylene glycol. It is applied to dry skin, left for a short time by foaming and cleaned by wiping with a towel. Since it leaves a thin moisturizing film after use, it is especially recommended for those with sensitive and dry skin.

Cleansing creams:

They are applied to the face for cleansing and moisturizing. They are recommended for extremely dry skin. The classic example of cleansing creams containing water, mineral oil, petroleum jelly and wax is cold cream.

Astringens and tonics:

Synonym terms used for astrinogen and alcohol-containing products with tonic, degreasing and refreshing properties. It is generally recommended to be used after cleaning with a bar of soap. Among the products offered by various cosmetic companies with different names, Tonique Fraicheur, Clarifying Lotion, Scruffing Lotion, Controlling Lotion, Protection Tonic can be counted. Usually, alcohol-containing astringens can be applied to oily but intact skin (without skin lesions). They are especially recommended for cleansing oily skin prone to acne formation.


It consists of astringens, which usually contain salicylic acid, showing keratolytic (dissolving scar tissue) in the stratum corneum. It cleans the skin surface layer consisting of dead cells and gives the skin a more vivid appearance. As it reduces the formation of comedones (blackheads) with this effect, it is mostly preferred in people with oily skin prone to acne formation.

Abrasive scrubs:

These are mechanical peeling products containing sponges or granules that remove the upper layers of the stratum corneum (the top layer of the skin) in a cream base. They do not contain irritant (irritant) chemical agents. However, when applied frequently and for a long time, they may cause epithelial damage. It is recommended for oily skin once a week. Those with oily skin prone to acne formation can use it more frequently.

Cleansing masks:

The purpose of these masks, which are generally applied to the face, is to provide deeper cleansing of the skin, especially pores. Face masks come in three different forms. Powder masks or paste masks are prepared by adding zinc oxide or peroxide as astrinogen on kaolin, bentonite or aluminum magnesium silicate. In addition, masks used in acne treatment are produced by adding benzoyl peroxide. These masks are applied to the face with the help of fingers or a brush and are cleaned with soap and water after 20-30 minutes. Film masks are in liquid or gel form. It dries by forming a film layer 20-30 minutes after it is applied. It is cleaned by gently rubbing after it dries. Also known as vinyl-based face masks, these masks contain polyvinyl alcohol and vinyl acetate. They do not absorb oil,They are mostly recommended for oily and dry skin. Cleansing masks are widely used products for deep skin cleansing today. The most important side effects that may arise in its use are the development of irritant and allergic contact dermatitis. For this reason, face masks are recommended to be applied in a health institution under the supervision of a dermatologist.

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