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Brush your teeth twice every day
This is the most ignored part of personal hygiene. Brushing every day is important to get rid of the plaque(it is a very harmful bacteria that can damage your teeth and gums) that gets collected on the teeth. That is why is it is important to brush your teeth twice a day.

Hygiene is the first step towards a disease-free life. Everyone knows the importance of the personal hygiene. However, most of us are so preoccupied with our day to day activities that forget to pay attention to our personal hygiene habits. Personal hygiene is about taking care of your body every day. These habits help the body to get rid of the germs, dead skin cells and other unhealthy things. It is important to pay attention to personal hygiene every day so that you can start your journey towards healthy living. (Also read: Why the use of excessive hand sanitizer actually bad for health)

Take a bath everyday
Bathing or showering is very important for personal hygiene. Every day we are exposed to all kinds of environments. Therefore, we are prone to suffer from their impacts if we don’t shower every day. Another reason behind it is we all face sweating every now and them. If left to its fate the sweat becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Also, you should wash your hair every 2nd or 3rd day to keep them clean as well.

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