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Face Masks

With the pandemic, masks have become a part of our lives. It is mandatory to wear a mask in many places. After the pandemic, we do hear the names of many kinds of masks, so what are the differences between the masks?


Daily masks

It consists of a piece of cloth that completely covers the mouth and nose. Likewise, a bandana, fabric scarf or scarf can be used for mouth and nose protection. These masks block the flow of air when exhaled. This significantly reduces the risk of infection for other people. Daily masks do not protect wearers from infection; It protects others from bacteria that can only be found in these people.

However, experts recommend using a surgical mask or a respirator with FFP standard in order to provide effective protection against coronavirus, which spreads rapidly, especially due to mutations.


Surgical masks

3 Ply Surgical Mask USA Made (50pcs) - SILCA


These are masks designed to limit the transmission of infectious from staff to patients and from patients to staff during surgical procedures in operating rooms and medical settings. If the wearer coughs or sneezes, most of the particles coming out of the mouth remain in the mask and do not spread to the environment.

However, today, when the corona epidemic is spreading rapidly, surgical masks do not provide sufficient protection for healthcare professionals. For this reason, doctors and nurses use special masks that cover not only the mouth and nose, but also the eyes.