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Water Wipes

Water Wipes

            From the first moment you find out that you are pregnant, you develop an instinct to protect our baby. Babies live in a special fluid in the womb until they are born, and this fluid has a structure that protects their skin. Just like in the mother’s womb, you try to protect our baby from all harmful substances and allergens since the birth. Because babies have very allergic skin for the first 6 months from birth. Water Wipes therefore, products used especially in the first six months and for newborn skin should be very selective and carefully formulated products should be preferred. Water wipes that directly touch the skin, especially the mouth, face, hand and butt, are at the top of this list.

               When babies are first born, the structure of their skin is thin and very sensitive to air. For this reason, they are easily irritated. When cleaning your skin to avoid irritation, you should use wet wipes with purified water and cotton.

What are water wipes?

Water wipes; It is a wipe consisting of 99% water and 1% edible material that does not contain any chemicals. Specially designed for newborn, allergic baby skin. Does not contain paraben perfume and sulfate. It is hypoallergenic. They do not contain synthetic dyes and fibers. These products are purified from microorganisms in the water.

So, what should you pay attention to when buying wet wipes for your baby?

**it should be natural, especially in terms of content. It should not contain sulphate, paraben, alcohol, synthetic dyes.

**Some wet wipes are thin, very perfumed and harsh. For this reason, your baby’s delicate skin may also be irritated.

**The liquid in the content of poor quality wet wipes can adhere to our breathing skin with bacteria and prevent it from breathing.

**You should prefer thick and large handkerchiefs. Thick wipes prevent irritation.

Just as you value your baby, you should care about the nature you will inherit in the future.

For this, we must choose environmentally friendly products that can be easily separated in natür.

Eco-friendly wipes are easy to use and separate.

Our water wipes

-It is soluble in nature.

-Suitable for recycling

-Pet friendly

-Product quality is understood from the value we give to nature

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