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Sleepy Wipes and Wet Towels

Did you know that the first wet wipes appeared in 1957? American Arthur Julius has invented them while working in the cosmetics industry. He presented his invention at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago in 1960 and three years later started selling them to be distributed to customers of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Nowadays wet wipes and wet towels have gained various shapes, serve many different purposes and have become a must have for everyone.

Imagine you have got a chance to get yourself a personal assistant that makes your life more comfortable and takes care of your health and safety. As a professional, your assistant is a brilliant multi-tasker and is available 24/7. How cool is that! Ready to meet such an irreplaceable asset? Please welcome Sleepy Wipes and Wet towels, a family of products that are going to help you increase the quality of your life and enjoy each little moment of it.

Sleepy Wipes and Wet Towels available products:

  • Sleepy Antibacterial Wipes (70 and 100 pcs pack)
  • Sleepy Antibacterial Corona Virus Wipes (100 pcs pack)
  • Sleepy Make Up (20 pcs pack)
  • Wet Towel Sleepy Sensitive (90 pcs pack)

As your personal assistant Sleepy Wipes and Wet towels is here to take care of your personal hygiene, assist in household cleaning tasks and baby care, assure removal of dirt and bacteria from your personal belongings, follow you on your outdoor activities making your journeys comfortable, keeping you fresh, clean and safe.


All of the Sleepy Wipes and Wet Towels products have been originally designed and dermatologically tested in compliance with European Standards.



Our products are being exported to more than 23 countries. For more detailed information on Sleepy Wipes and Wet towels and prices please contact us via this email address export@tinchcosmetics.com

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