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Side effects of COVID-19 vaccine

The main aim of getting a vaccination is to give you immunity without the dangers of getting the disease. As after any other vaccine, you might experience some mild side effects after getting the Covid-19 vaccine. This is a normal reaction because it means it is working and your body is building protection. Here is some information about what to expect once you get vaccinated.

Most common side effects that you can have are: pain, redness or swelling on the arm you got the injection, some muscle pain, fatigue, or headache, fever, chills, feeling nauseous or having diarrhea. The chances of any of these occurring after vaccination may differ depending on the specific vaccine. If you don´t experience any side effects, it doesn´t mean the vaccine is ineffective, it´s just because everybody responds differently.

According to World Health Organization, there are also less common side effects such as severe allergic reactions like anaphylaxis; however, this reaction is extremely rare and health specialists together with national authorities are closely monitoring for any unexpected side effect that might appear after Covid-19 vaccine use.

It can take a few days for these side effects to go away, be ready that they may affect your ability to do your daily activities.

To reduce the pain and discomfort after being vaccinated, you can talk to your doctor and ask for some over-the-counter medications that would help to relieve the post-vaccination side effects.

It´s also important to know that it takes about a couple of weeks for the body to build immunity against the virus that causes Covid-19. Thus there is a possibility to be infected with it just before or right after the vaccination and still get sick. The reason is that the vaccine hasn´t yet had enough time to create the protection. Overall, the vaccines are safe, and getting vaccinated helps to protect you against catching the virus.