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RFL Weekly Hygiene Kit as Your Safety Plan

When we hear success stories of other people, we notice a common pattern in the actions on their ways to that success: they follow similar steps to achieve their goals. The structure of those steps is called planning. Frankly, planning could be named #1 solution for anything from your “To Do List”. Not only it helps you get what you want, but it can really make your life easier in so many ways. Where is the connection between success and planning? Can we plan anything we want? What are the benefits of planning?

First, planning means thinking of the next step and acting accordingly thus having a ready solution on time. Second, planning saves time: for instance, preparing your cloths for tomorrow in advance gives you extra time to sleep in the morning and possibility to get dressed the moment you are out of your bed.  Or, if you plan your route on a map beforehand, you will reach your destination faster just because you won´t be stopping to think, check and decide where to turn next in order to get into the right direction. And third, planning reduces stress, – less stress – more health, more health – a safe and joyful way of living.

Our new product RFL Weekly Hygiene Kit is a 3-in-1 personal health care planner, which aims to save you time on looking for different products, prevent you from casualties like losing of forgetting your protection, and simply to help you feel calm and safe.

RFL Weekly Hygiene Kit contains:

  • Hand sanitizer (50 ml)
  • Disinfecting Wipes (10 pcs)
  • Disposable Face Masks (10 pcs)

 RFL Weekly Hygiene Kit can be keptat your office desk, in your car or your backpack. It´s here to help you planning your life, save your time and keep you safe.


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