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Sleepy Antibacterial Wipes

Each and every day people are faced with a multitude of decisions: some of these are big with quite an influence on the course of life, such as education or parenting, others are relatively small, for instance, deciding what to have for lunch or what to wear. However, when it comes to health and safety, every decision, even a small one like using a wet wipe, is essential and has a big impact.

Sleepy Antibacterial Wipes were created for you in order to provide the best possible daily care. It´s not just a regular wet wipe but antibacterial, antimicrobial and disinfecting which means it doesn´t just remove the dirt but also kills 99,99% of bacteria and viruses that you may get a contact with during the day. Sleepy Antibacterial Wipes are 50% thicker and 25% larger than standard wet wipes which makes them more pleasant to use. There are two options of packs available: 70 pieces and 100 pieces. If you think of your one regular day, you´ll see how many surfaces you interact with during the day. According to experts, some of them are the germiest: your toothbrush holder, gas station pumps, your pet, your phone, a sponge, dishtowels, cutting board, remote control, computer keyboard, pens, reusable grocery bags, money, laundry, your purse, the ATM, shopping carts, your water bottle, elevator buttons, door handles, even your face.

Sleepy Antibacterial Wipes are ready to become your health guardians wherever and whenever you need them. Prevention is always better than cure.



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Kills 99.9% of bacteria

No need for water

Added vitamin E and aloe