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Sleepy Cloth Jeans Panties

  • Sleepy Jeans Training Pants provide ease of use and extreme comfort with its Soft Fibers woven by using Pure Water. And the Denim Jean Pattern make it so that you can carry your Baby around only with a Shirt or T-Shirt on.
  • Sleepy Training Pants have soft fibers which are woven by using Pure Water which gives your Baby extreme comfort and gives your baby a seamless sleep. The textile textured front band prevents stiffness around belly area.
  • Sleepy Training Pants have flexible ears that provides air flow giving your baby more comfort.
  • Sleepy Jeans Training Pants have super Tri-dry absorbing layer made with Absorbent Fibers that are made from Natural Bamboo, absorbs liquid throughout the Entire Diaper for Maximum Absorption.