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Peeling is the process of removing dead skin cells from the outer surface of the skin. Dirt, makeup residue, oil on the outer layer causes the skin to look pale and uncared. When the outer dead layer is removed, the skin looks brighter and more vibrant. For a smooth skin, peeling should be done regularly.

For the skin to be healthy, it needs peeling. When the dead skin on the outer layer is removed, the skin will breathe. It is very important to purify the skin with peeling, especially for problems such as black spots, enlarged pores, acne, skin blemishes. The top layer of our skin is directly affected by factors such as sun, dirt, dust, makeup residue. These residues clog the skin over time and turn into a dead layer. We can remove this dead layer from the skin with peeling.

We should choose the material used for peeling according to our skin type. The time of peeling also varies according to the skin type. We purify the dead twice a week if you have oily skin, once a week if you have mixed skin, and every two weeks if you have dry skin. Particles due to peeling should not be too large. Even if it is very small, it will not show much effect. Do not neglect to apply moisturizer to the skin after peeling.

When we peel;

* It purifies the dirt accumulated on the skin.

* It reduces the shine on the skin. Pores are deeply cleaned.

* Prevents skin problems such as acne, blemishes and blackheads.

* You will have a healthy glowing skin

* Delays the effects of aging..

* You will collect sagging skin and have a firm skin

* Lightens the appearance of fine lines

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