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Peeling is the process of removing dead skin. You can make your skin look more vivid and smoother by purifying the dead. However, peeling should not be applied randomly. To purify the skin,  particles shouldn’t be too small and also shouldn’t be bigger than needed for it  not to scratch..

Oily skins should be peeling 2-3 times a week, mixed skins 1-2 times a week, dry and sensitive skins should be peeled every two weeks.

After choosing the appropriate peeling, the face is moisturize, some peeling is applied to the face and the skin is purified in slow circular movements and the face is washed. Being harsh when applying peeling can cause us to encounter unwanted problems.

What are the benefits of Peeling?

Peeling application is a very popular application around the world. It is one of the first choices of women who want to become beautiful and renew their skin. It is possible to count many things among the benefits of Peeling. It has the feature of refreshing the skin. After this peeling dead skin will be removed and it beautifying effects will be seen on you face.

Smoothens ıt has the feature that smoothes the skin tone. Also, by reducing the structure of the pores, it eliminates the bad appearance. In addition, after this process, which will save the skin from dead skin, it will be easier to moisturize the skin. After the peeling application is applied once a week, beautifying effects will be seen on the skin.

If you clean your face with a tonic after peeling, you will have a tighter skin.

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