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Medical Clothing

Medical Clothing

Medical clothing is  protective clothing equipment for the personnel working in the hospital, operating room for doctors, dentists, veterinarians, nurses, caregivers and operating room employees. Medical clothing; It includes masks, surgical gowns, protective coveralls, medical bonnet, gloves, shoe covers, protective gowns and slippers.

    The most important thing in medical products is special and quality fabrics. Medical clothing The fabrics of medical products must be breathable and comfortable, have non-pilling and late wear properties. It should be produced quality and features that will not harm human health.


   Mask; It is a medical suit used to prevent the spread of germs from the nose and mouth.Medical clothing Especially; It is one of the most important medical clothing because we breathe the air directly in the masks. As the specialists state, “masks should be 3-layer construction and have a filter called meltblown in the middle layer”. Medical clothing The material used in manufacturing of Melt Blown Fabric is propylene. It is Nonwoven material made up by melt blowing process. Our masks are designed to be breathable and is   to form an airtight. Medical face masks are used for patients to reduce the risk of infection spread, especially in epidemic or pandemic situations. And masks produced with appropriate rules and standards should be purchased. Our masks are of high quality and provide 95% protection from bacteria and viruses.


Medical Clothing Gloves are also one of the medical clothing that needs attention. In particular, surgical gloves must be produced in accordance with TS EN 455 standards. Medical clothing the gloves directly touch the patient, sterile gloves should be used and they should be replaced frequently.


Another important medical clothings are surgical gownsand  and coveralls. Because the operating room is a sterile environment, clothes must be sterile.And it should be produced from specially fabrics that will prevent even the smallest microbe that can go to the patient. Our coveralls are produced according to hygiene rules and standards.Coveralls; It is light, soft and easy to wear. It is water resistant and flame resistant. It can be used by many sectors with its air permeable and bacteria-fee structure. Our products are made of  polipropilen fabric.

     Medical clothing needs have been increasing exponentially due to the covid -19 outbreak. For this reason, we all have mask gloves in our bags. Your priority is to always use products manufactured in accordance with standards.

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