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Medical Clothing Export

Wearing special medical clothing is a privilege. Just imagine, not only you have access to something that has a significant impact on your life and health, but also can be used as a tool to improve thousands of other peoples’ lives. Although the name of it speaks for itself and initially it has been created for people from health sector, medical clothing can be seen as a set of multifunctional health protection that can be used in many environments and situations by various professionals and ordinary citizens.

For instance, it became a must have for beauty industry. When visiting a beauty salon, you see its employees wearing special medical clothing and you are also being offered some of it in order to keep the hygiene standards high and make you feel comfortable as a client because comfort comes from feeling safe and being taken care of. Or in schools, where during experiments on Biology or Chemistry classes you might need to put on a mask or special medical goggles on to protect your eyes. Or imagine you are working at a restaurant as a cook and you need to take care of your hair, here comes a special cap designed for it. Also, when you are visiting someone who has just gave birth, you can do it only being fully covered with special medical clothing. All these situations and environments require special clothing under normal circumstances. And if you think of a pandemic humanity goes through right now, this medical clothing becomes an essential need which saves thousands of lives.

Medical clothing includes more than 30 various products: bouffant caps, aprons, coveralls, isolation gowns, scrubs, masks, overshoes. This clothing deserves to become fashion of 21st century, because being healthy is fancy, being protected and safe is all what really matters.


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