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Make Up Cleaning

First of all, if make-up is made with barrier products such as foundation, concealer, bb or cc creams, it is very important to clean these substances from the skin.

The fact that make-up bases and such barrier concealers remain on the skin throughout the day causes the cells to not get enough oxygen and cause color inequalities in the skin.


One of the biggest problems of concealers is silicone derivatives (dimeticone) used for fillers and shine, and Titanium Dioxide, which is found in sunscreens and acts as a chemical filter. In addition to these, Oxybenzone and Avobenzone are among the most used chemical filters among SPFs. The health hazards of the long-term contact of these ingredients with the skin are published in medical literature.

Make-up removal is very important for cleansing the skin from heavy metals and free radicals that cause aging, for the cells to breath and blood circulation to be done with a healthy efficiency.

Just as we are not too lazy to wear makeup every day, we shouldn’t be too lazy to clean in the evenings. Because our pores should be open at night and our skin should breath comfortably. if we go to bed without removing our makeup,  we will cause our tired skin to be much more tired in the morning. For these reasons, we should give importance to its cleanliness and let our skin breath and relax.

Dual phase make-up removal water is an effective solution to remove your make-up flawlessly.

Removes make-up in one step.

It gives a refreshing feeling to the skin.

Available for all of skin types.

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