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Foot Health Affects Your Quality of Life

Foot care is also among the cares that should not be neglected. Since our feet are covered all day, they are exposed to sweat a lot. Foot care is not paid much attention by many people. We must give importance to our feet, hands, faces. Because; foot health affects your quality of life.

We must give due importance to our feet that carry us all day. At the end of the day, we should lie down and lift our feet high above our heads to stimulate the blood flow. We should massage our feet, especially between the toes. Thus, we see that foot fatigue is reduced.

We should wash our feet regularly every day, first with hot water and then with cold water. Relax your feet with hot water, and your blood flow will speed up with cold water. After washing, we must dry well. The moist areas between the fingers are suitable for fungus formation. After drying, we should apply moisturizer every evening. We should do heel care once a week. We should have a professional pedicure and peeling regularly every 3-4 weeks. Pedicure is very important both aesthetically and hygienically. Having well-groomed feet makes people feel safer and cleaner.

Shoe selection is as important as cleaning in foot care. In the choice of tight shoes, the fingers overlap and the muscles contract and pain occurs. When wearing high heels, standing pain occurs. Shoes should be chosen neither big nor small. Otherwise, there will be calluses on the feet.

For foot care and health;

* Feet must be washed every day.

*We should apply moisturizing cream on our feet every day.

* Stockings should be changed daily.

* Products used in foot care should not be shared with another person.

* You should pay attention to the choice of shoes.

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