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Eye Care

Eye Care

If you don’t want your skin to give you away, you should pay more attention to eye care. As the age progresses, the eye area will stop renewing itself and wrinkles will begin to form. This will make you look older than you are. Wrinkles will be inevitable when weather, sun, fatigue, insufficient water consumption and insomnia are added upon age.

The eye and eye area has a fine structure and is a sensitive organ. Any negatives; fatigue, insomnia, weakness and illness are reflected directly on the eyes. To minimize these, you should pay extra attention to eye care. Since the eye is the most sensitive organ, it is the organ that needs the most care. Since there are few sebaceous glands around the eyes, it is extremely favorable for drying. It should be moistened regularly with products produced for the skin of the eyes.


Eye make-up remover products should be preferred especially when removing your eye makeup. Since the skin of the eyes is sensitive, we should not clean eyes with a facial cleanser. The eye area will be negatively affected when cleaned with incorrect products. When removing eye make-up, you should choose products based on the makeup product you use. For example, if you are using water resistant make-up product, you should choose dual phase eye cleanser. The products you choose should be alcohol-free. If your eyes have a dry texture, you should choose a product suitable for this structure. After cleaning with the cleaning product, we should wash our eyes again with plenty of water. Then you must apply moisturizer.

It is just as important to clean as eye makeup remover. If eye make-up is not cleaned well, an environment is created for the formation of microbes in the eyes. It should not be cleaned by rubbing too much. At this time, redness, swelling and tenderness occur in the eyes.

To minimize eye wrinkles;

* You should definitely start moisturizing your eyes after the age of 20, after the age of 25, products with anti-aging properties should be used.

* Do not sleep without makeup removal,

* While cleaning the eyes, it is necessary not to rub too much, pour directly onto cotton and gently wipe.

* Should wear sunglasses and should not be squinted.

* Should sleep at least 7-8 hours a day,

* plenty of water should be consumed

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