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Cosmetic Product Applied to Hair

Care and styling of our hair, which is considered a part of our personality, is among the areas of cosmetics.

Hair distribution, thickness, color and density are determined genetically in individuals, and it varies according to age and race.

Keratin, an insoluble protein, forms most of the hair. Cosmetic reactions are performed by changes in hydrogen, ionic and disulfide bonds in keratin. Although keratin has an inert structure compared to other proteins, it can react with some reagents.

Boiling water, acids, alkalis, oxidant and reducing agents can affect the hair and, if used under uncontrolled conditions, may damage the hair.

Hair can only be nourished by the blood circulation, substances, especially sulfur-containing amino acids, reaching the hair follicle.

This can be explained by the negative effects of drugs, vitamin or mineral deficiency, and inadequate nutrition to hair growth.

Nutrients come first among the factors affecting hair growth and keratinization. Protein deficiency leads to hair loss, thinning and whitening.

The graying of the hair is due to the loss of function of the melanocytes and their decrease in number. Hair may turn white due to the gradual loss of tyrosinase activity in the hair follicle.

In addition, hair water and medicines used may cause hair color change. Conscious use of cosmetic products related to care as well as cleaning in regular hair care,It will help reduce any damage that may occur and keep the hair in good condition.

Relevant products may be intended to protect the scalp, hair or hairstyle. Expected effects from these products; cleaning, care, changing or maintaining the shape and beautifying the hair color.

1-Products Used in Hair Cleaning

a) Shampoos

The purpose of using shampoos is to remove pollution (sebum, sweat, dandruff, pollution caused by environmental conditions, residues from hair cosmetics) without damaging the hair and scalp. The basic material of shampoos is anionic, cationic, amphoteric or nonionic surfactants. In addition to surface active substances, thickeners, foam stabilizers, active substances, opacifying agents, preservatives, color and fragrances are included in their structure.

2) Hair Care Products Used After Washing

Hair care products used after washing affect the hair and scalp, nourish the hair, prevent shedding and provide healthy growth of the hair. They are prepared against the most common problems of oily, dandruff and hair loss in cosmetic terms and to eliminate the damages on the hair.

a) Hair Care Remaining Products

These products, which are applied to clean hair and left on the hair after washing, are mostly lotions and creams in the form of liquid emulsions. They can also be produced in gel form. They are used in the care of hair and scalp damaged by factors such as hairdressing processes, UV rays, or for the care of oily hair or against dandruff. They are asked to deeply moisturize the hair, increase oxygen transport to the cells, accelerate microcirculation in the scalp and reduce skin lipids. The purposes of use can be listed as facilitating the shape of the hair after washing and helping to maintain the shape given, increasing the combability of wet and dry hair, reducing the static load on the hair and minimizing its flyaway, giving the hair shine.For problems related to the scalp (dandruff, excessive oily), the care product should be applied to the scalp as well as the hair. Since they are kept on the scalp and hair longer than the products used for cleaning, their effects become more apparent.

b) Hair Treatments

These are preparations prepared for severely damaged hair and hair shaft. They are applied at regular intervals and after washing, they are left on the hair, not rinsed after application. As the hair grows, cuticle scales begin to rise and break in parts away from the scalp, which causes deformations in the cuticle. Care agents are effective by penetrating the damaged and broken parts of the hair, protect the hair from external effects, give fullness and volume, elasticity, pulling force and natural silky appearance. The most important building blocks of hair treatments are cationactive substances. Today’s polymeric cationactive compounds hold tightly to the hair.

These substances, which remain in the hair for three or four washes, are attracted by keratin and regain their physical properties such as fullness, shine and formability. In addition to cation-active compounds, silicones (eg polydimethyl siloxane) have recently gained importance. The addition of organic acids such as citric, tartaric or lactic acid also accentuates the effect. Protein hydrolysates, plant extracts and vitamins are also active ingredients in these products. These substances have effects that nourish the scalp and increase the blood circulation in the scalp.

c) Hair Water (Hair Tonics)

Hair tonics are generally used to accelerate hair growth or at least prevent hair loss. Nowadays, their use is at the forefront, especially against dandruff or for general care.

d) Hair Rinsed Hair Care Products

Quick Cures (Rinse Cures) Nowadays, quick cures (rinsing cures) are commonly used products. These products, which are used after each wash, are usually kept in the hair for 5-30 minutes. In addition to providing care by covering the hair in a thin layer, they also facilitate the styling of the hair. Their formulas are like the formulas of hair cures, they contain less oily parts.

3) Hair Style Prodcuts

Products used to protect the hair shape; It can be prepared as a gel, spray or foam. Its basic formulas include distilled water, alcohol, polymers, softening agents, active ingredients, preservatives, colors and fragrances.

a) Hair Dyes

Hair dyes; They are used to change the color of the hair or to give the desired color to white hair, they can be temporary, semi-fixed and fixed. Temporary dyes are dyes that can be removed from the hair by washing. Semi-fixed dyes come out of the hair over time with the washing effect. Fixed dyes, on the other hand, do not come off with washing, they remain on the hair. Today, cosmetic preparations applied to the hair offer the opportunity to use for more than one purpose. For example, shampoos have the basic effect of cleaning as well as caring, with various additions such as color preservatives, moisturizing, volumizing substances and vitamins in their formulas. However, it should not be forgotten that the duration of action will be short in proportion to the time the product is left on the hair. Cosmetic Hair care products used after washing are spread over a wide range,It is prepared for every hair type.

In order to maintain its healthy appearance and natural balance, the best thing we can do for our hair, which needs regular care, is to remember that the scalp, which is the source of life of the hair, must be healthy and to use products that are easy to use and contain qualified raw materials and are suitable for hair structure. Hair Cosmetic.

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