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Coronavirus Mutations

There are many memes out there about pandemic one of which is: “You might be over the pandemic but it doesn´t mean the pandemic is over you”.  Now we´ve got a new hit which is coronavirus mutations, as if it wasn´t enough to have one variant. Although we all feel overwhelmed with all kinds of information about Covid-19, there is some information we should still be aware of because knowledge is power.

What is a mutation?

Once a virus gets into your body, usually happens through your nose or mouth, it sticks to one of your cells, where it´s copy pasting itself and infects other cells. While spreading to your cells you start getting sick. And during this process of virus´s copying an error occurs. And this error is a mutation.

What are the new variants of coronavirus?

Among new variants of coronavirus, there are three main variants that the World is already facing and fighting against: The British variant (B117), The South African Variant (B1351) and The Brazilian variant (E484K). One of the major issues with these mutations is that they are more transmissible between people and can be deadlier than the previous variants. As Covid-19 continues to mutate, many virologists and health specialists are looking at ways that would help them get ahead of the virus hoping that it will help public health officials and vaccine manufacturers be more prepared when there appears another big change of the virus.

What to do?

First, stay vigilant. The experience shows that the same measures that people have been using for months are still being effective: keep the social distance, wear a mask, clean your hands before you put your mask on, as well as before and after you take it off, and after you touch it at any time, wash your hands, or use alternatives for disinfection such as antibacterial sanitizers and wipes. Take care of your immune system. Stay calm and stay safe.