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Cosmetics are created from a mixture of chemical compounds obtained from either natural or synthetically created sources. It became a big part of our lives. Let´s look at some of the most interesting facts from the history of cosmetics:

  1. First appearance of cosmetics was in ancient Egypt, where both Egyptian men and women used makeup to enhance their appearance. They also used vegetable oils and lotions to hide body odour.
  2. The origin of the word is Greek, it comes from “kosmētikos” which stands for “skilled in ordering or arranging”.
  3. Nail polish is considered to be invented in ancient China. It was made of egg whites, beeswax, coloured powder, and gum Arabic. It´s interesting that common people were executed if caught wearing nail polish, because using cosmetics was a privilege of rich people.
  4. In Europe cosmetics were forbidden, kings and queens in their public statements were telling that wearing cosmetics is not decent, Church was spreading the belief that cosmetic is used only by Satan worshippers, the only exception was for theatre actors, they could use cosmetics but only during their performances.
  5. In the Roman era, even men painted their lips with lipstick to indicate their social rank.
  6. During the Elizabethan era, coal tar was used as mascara, eyebrow pencil, and eyeliner. It was flammable, has a bad smell, and caused blindness.
  7. The first patented nail polish appeared in 1919 and it was faint pink colour.
  8. The first roll-on deodorant was invented in 1952.
  1. To make eyeshadow and lipstick glimmer, fish scales are commonly added.
  2. Nowadays, through automation, robotics and the internet, while buying cosmetics, people can customise their beauty choices with virtual mirrors, and companies can ease the production process by bringing robot assistants to workforces.

It´s fascinating how far has the evolution of cosmetics come. Although it´s hard to imagine not using any cosmetics in modern World, we never know what role it will play and how will affect humans´ lives in the future.

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